Grid Work & Layouts

Our first group project involved us to bring in 10 disposable objects. Unclear what we needed to do with them, we were asked to roam the streets of Elephant and Castle and photograph as many different types of grids we could find. These could involve anything from windows to parks.

  These symbols, graffitied onto the pavements, have always intrigued me. It’s clear they have some significance as I’ve seen them all over the streets of London. After some research, I have found that these are underground piping and plumbing plan symbols, each has a different meaning. An underground grid of pipes.

Once we had returned, using our 10 objects and our photographs for inspirations, we had to create a grid using our own objects.

  After looking at all our different objects, it was noticeable that many of our objects were very similar. We decided our lay out should have different sections for different themes; nature, fashion, food, packaging and medical. After dividing these objects, the lay out became much simpler and clear to viewers.

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