What’s wrong with Graphic Design?

Ruth and Mark gave a presentation about sexism with in the industry of graphic design. After typing ‘well known British graphic designers’ into google, only one image of a woman emerged amongst the first 30 images and no black designers. This simple search on the internet was surprising to me, it became clear that there is still a gap with in the design community, as it seemed graphic design has so far been dominantly white males.

Some could argue that this has led to advertisements of a sexual nature, objectifying women. An example of this was the Lust Hedonist typeface ad. (seen below).


Ruth and Mark asked us to get into groups and come up with a new hashtag to represent the discriminated designers; blacks, asians, women, disabled, gay etc. Though some groups focused on one community, we wanted to create a hashtag for all – #1design. I hoped this would suggest a unity for all, wherever a designer was from or their sexual orientation. The favourite of the class (and my personal favourite) was #vasigners representing the female designers. This lecture was very much different to the others as it became a debate amongst us.

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