The Internet 

Todays lecture was about the internet, it began with JP displaying 72 images taken all over the world to explore the relationship between the image and the internet from the ‘Nine Eyes’ exhibition by John Raffman. They were all images taken on google maps. JP’s lecture was divided into 4 sections, networks media and communications, photography, image culture and the internet and graphic design and image sharing.

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The most shocking fact of JP’s lecture for me was that in 2013 there were over 2.5 billion people using the internet out of 7.7 billion people on earth, after Manuel Castells in The Impact of the Internet on Society: A Global Perspective.

Susan Sontag explored the effect of photography in On Photography or Regarding the Pain of Others. Her exploration of how we react to pictures of violence, war, death and what these images do to our conscience (I will be looking further into her work in my spare time).


It’s the images that make us react to a fact and provides the evidence of reality. JP used this example; Syrian refugee crisis, picture from Daniel Etter the New York Times (Laith Majid) or the 3 year old dead child who had drowned found on the coast. Though these images provide a sense of ‘proof’ it is arguable that they can me edited in order to manipulate the viewer. All images await falsification or explanation provided by a caption.

Andrews half of the lecture focused much more on the evolution of text and language online. Has the language changed in the last 20 years? Whether written, spoken, imagery or coding – language and human communication has developed through technology a great deal.

He then showed us a Two Ronnies sketch, in with Ronnie Barker explored hieroglyphics, using a mixture of all languages he creates a versatile humour.

“Selfie” a new word put into the english dictionary (unfortunately) that would not have been used if it weren’t for technology and media.

He asked us to come up with a sentence that no one would have said before. I came up with the sentence “my pet koi fish is making odd noises”


Emoji image and steps through source code by adding my sentence with in the coding of the emoji, a whole new image was created because we had re written the coding.

‘We write emails not speak them. But chat groups are for chat, and people certainly speak to each other there as do people involved in virtual worlds and instant messaging.’  –   David Crystal.

I’d like to end my post with this quote from Andrew’s half of the lecture. It’s very relevant to my project and working on The Machine Stops . The fact that we are losing human interaction in the advancement in technology.

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