A+ 100 Years of Graphic Communication by Women


The exhibition showcased the graphic work of female alumni at Central Saint Martins and staff from 1910 to 2016. Commissioned work were also a part of the exhibit. Curated by Ruth Sykes, its aim to bring attention to female graphic designers and illustrators, who don’t get the same exposure due to their gender.

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Including work from Morag Myerscough, Heather Perry to Sara de Bondt and many new designers, and over 50 practitioners. Much like Ruth’s lecture (What’s wrong with Graphic Design?) the lack of recognised female work for that amount of time was clear. However, hopefully this will be a good starting point.

In all honestly, I felt a little confused when I arrived, I didn’t find the window gallery as I was expecting it to have its own room or space. To see it was only a window exhibition upset me a little. The exhibition seemed to lack importance, as an aspiring graphic design female student, it didn’t seem to be given the amount of space it deserved. At certain points the work looked a little cramped, everything was packed in and I wasn’t really sure where to look first. As a feminist, I don’t think all the work really got the individual space it deserved, to me the range of work was great but the over all look of the exhibition just merged all the work together. It didn’t really allow the viewer to acknowledge the talent of each individual woman.

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