The Restaurant

Here is the link: The Restaurant

This was the first film I have ever made and though I was disappointed with my grade, I think I did pretty well considering I had never used all of the software before.

This was part of my Genius Loci project, I currently work at this restaurant and have been working there as a waitress for almost 3 years. It is a fish restaurant, so I come home reeking of fish which is just one of the perks, and its been run by the same family since 1968. There are some real characters working with me here and the customers are lovely (some have been going there for 20 years). Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to film the customers as it would have been unprofessional of me so I decided to focus it on the staff and what we do there.

I’m also rather annoyed that I wasn’t able to interview particular people in time for the deadline. As a feminist I think its awful that I didn’t get to put a females perspective into the film. I was also unable to film some of the family members that also take part in running the place due to rather difficult circumstances.

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