My Music Ephemera

When I was 13 my dad had took the evening off work to take my sister and I out which was a rarity in itself. So, the night was already pretty special at this point. It was the first “intimate” gig I have been too, there weren’t that many people, and the atmosphere was exciting but also very relaxing in a way. At the time I didn’t really know Adele as an artist or her music that well, I knew her songs Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory. However I didn’t know the meaning behind them or any of her other songs. When she came onto the stage she arrived with a cup of tea and biscuits at hand, explaining that she didn’t get to finish them and hoped that we didn’t mind, which resulted in a few laughs. At this point I was already sold.

The show began and she sang all her songs from her new album 19. Her music was emotional and her voice was stunning and powerful. It was as if she didn’t even need the microphone. Before she sang Hometown Glory, she explained it was about where she grew up in West Norwood. Now, I’ve lived in West Norwood my whole life and though this may seem like a very insignificant thing to others it was a huge deal to my 13 year old self. The only thing West Norwood was famous for was the cemetery if that gives you any insight what so ever. When she began to sing, and this may sound silly, it made me proud that I finally had someone that came from the same kind of background as me that was achieving their dreams. Though they may be different from my own, it was odd to see, I had never had that kind of feeling before with other celebrities because they all seem to have lived in the glamor of it all. She was suddenly relatable to me. We were both Sarf Landon gals.

Whilst leaving the gig I bought her first album and I have bought her other two since. As I have grown since seeing her live, her music has become more relatable to my own experiences. At the time, I was too young to really understand it all, but now I do. I will always remember this concert not only because she’s incredibly successful now (to put that in context the ticket was on £18 and now it’s £180 so I doubt I’d be able to se her again) but because it was the first time I had felt something like that.

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